Saving energy has never been so relevant than now. Apart from well documented realities of climate change resulting from uncontrolled CO2 emissions to the environment, Singapore and similarly governmental agencies around the region has begun embarking on ambitious plan to addressing the climate challenge and at the same time - as a result of such plans - reduce the dependency of fossil fuel in powering their economy in the coming years.

Governments recognized the undesirable effect of the costly overheads of rising electricity prices resulting from energy shortage impacting on the commercial energy consumed per dollar GDP growth.

There are many facets to instituting energy savings projects into your business and the challenge, however, is not the recognition of the need to them but rather the conviction of the Management team to the commercial viability to warrant capital expenditure. Lighting energy inefficiency (in which most cases contribute to about 10-16% of total $ energy expenditure in a company) is one area that mitigate Management unwarranted reluctance to green adoption and energy saving initiative while at the same time generate guaranteed return of your business investment onset of use.
Commercial cleaning chemicals often contain abrasive detergents and harsh chemicals that can pose health risks and environmental degradation. However, with green chemicals, it is now possible to achieve outstanding cleaning results without risking exposure to any toxic chemicals. Green cleaners allow you to also accomplish similar or better cleaning results than can be achieved with commercially available cleaners.

Green chemicals are powerful yet completely safe primarily due to their unique, plant-based, natural formulation. Being sourced from nature, green chemical products are non-toxic, chlorine-free and non-corrosive. This means they are absolutely safe for use.

The technologically advanced formulation of these green cleaners empowers them with enhanced cleaning power. The nano-sized particles comprising these green cleaning chemicals can penetrate into grease, dirt, and stains better than the traditional industrial and commercial cleaning solutions rendering these residues easier to remove. EnnoTech Green cleaning products can be used in a host of industries ranging from aircraft maintenance, auto detailing, and hospitality services to carpet cleaning businesses, industrial fleet maintenance and odor control services.
Plastics are synthetic (artificially created) chemicals that don't belong in our world and don't mix well with nature. Discarded plastics clutter rivers, seas, and beaches, kill fish, choke birds, and make our environment a much less attractive place. Getting rid of plastics is extremely difficult. Burning them can give off toxic chemicals such as dioxins, while collecting and recycling them responsibly is also difficult.

EnnoTech is in the progress of working to offering Bio degradable plastics for industrial and commercial usage.
EnnoTech complements our clients' adoption of clean technology further by partnering with reputable company to providing small or large scale solar integration projects.

Depending on the market and client needs, EnnoTech identify suitable sites, design the PV systems, structure project financing, install large scale PV systems on rooftops or free field locations, and manage operations and maintenance.

An electric vehicle battery (EVB) is a rechargeable battery powering battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Electric vehicle batteries differ from starting, lighting, and ignition (SLI) batteries because they are designed to give power over sustained periods of time. Deep cycle batteries are used instead of SLI batteries for these applications. Batteries for electric vehicles are characterized by their relatively high power-to-weight ratio, energy to weight ratio and energy density; smaller, lighter batteries reduce the weight of the vehicle and improve its performance. Compared to fossil fuels, all current battery technologies have much lower specific energy; and this often impacts the maximum all-electric range of the vehicles.

On an energy basis, the price of electricity to run an EV is a small fraction of the cost of liquid fuel needed to produce an equivalent amount of energy (energy efficiency). The cost of replacing the batteries dominates the operating costs. Over the life of a battery, the cost of buying and recharging a battery is still usually lower than the cost of fossil fuels suitable for propelling a vehicle. EnnoTech is working to produce high quality EV Battery that matches the need of future electrical vehicle needs.

The basic guidelines and points for consideration for EV Battery selection are namely:
  1. The cost
  2. The purpose of the vehicle
  3. Required system voltage
  4. Weight limitation imposed by the vehicle suspension
  5. Size limitation
  6. Availability of the suitable charging and equalising hardware
  7. Maintenance
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