EnnoTech Business Solutions
EnnoTech unique business solutions offer companies a 5 step process that afford ease, flexibility and public relations while letting companies concentrate on what they do best in realizing the energy savings directly contributes to their bottom line and in effect enhance companies long term sustainable competitive advantage.
Sustainability Analysis and Financial Assessment.
- Provide comprehensive analysis of need requirement and energy savings potential.
- Provide a working quotation based on the need requirement.
Enabling Cost Effective Purchase.
-Provide financial options to transition towards green adoption.
-Work in tandem with companies and government agencies for grant if applicable.
Quality Installation and On-Time delivery.
-Site Manager and local installation team ensure smooth project management to exacting standard.
Post Install Performance Validation.
-Provide monitoring of installed products for three months for quality and functioning to form.
-Provide actual cost savings data working together with your company.
Your Company Deserves it! - Getting the word around.
-EnnoTech can provide a marketing blize publicizing your company adoption to green technology.
-Provide media coverage and press release to ensure your company attains the full benefit of green adoption.